Safety Is Our Top Priority

Posted at Wed, Jul 31, 2019 11:30 AM

When it comes to your families safety, good is never good enough!

Nearly every year, over 30,000 people are killed from vehicle crashes in the United States.  Over 5 million crashes occur to indiviuals, leaving families in St Louis and beyond devastated. You can't overstate the importance of keeping the people you love safe, which is why Hyundai can't over-stress their focus on safety innovation within their product features.

Here are a few fun ways to make sure you are protecting your family:

The best way to deal with accidents is NOT to have them. 

Staying off your phone is easy with Hyundai BlueLink.  You have voice activated navigation options, music, and many other features.  Just say the words - don't text them!

Buy a car that has the best safety ratings. 

Hyundai is proud to be awarded national safety ratings that are untouched and elite.  Ask yourself, if at the point of a family death, you'd consider the cost worth the loss. I think for all of us the answer is no - but so many families don't plan ahead or consider that in the top 10 causes for death in America is unintentional injuries.  Make that sacrifice for safety today.

Invest in safety technology!

Hopefully you don't spend a lot of time thinking about all the bad things that can happen while driving, but we sure do. Because that's a the best way to create technology that prevents them from happening to our Hyundai of Wentzville customers in the first place. Automatic Emergency Braking that senses when a crash is imminent and automatically applies the brakes. Lane Departure Warning that informs you with audible and visual cues if you begin to drift out of your lane. Brake Assist that provides you with more stopping power when an emergency stop is detected. Electronic Stability Control and a Traction Control System to prevent your vehicle from skidding. And because safety should never be a luxury, we offer these advanced features across our entire line of models.