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Brake Servicing & Brake Repair

When it comes to brake service and brake repair, you don’t want to leave things up to chance. Make sure to get regular maintenance on your brakes and trust the experts at Clement Hyundai to get you safely back on the road.

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Is It Time to Have Your Brakes Checked?

If you suspect your brakes are faulty in any way, it’s best to bring them in for service to ensure the safe operation of your vehicle. However, not everyone knows the signs that you should have your brakes checked. So, let’s talk about those signs. Here are the most common issues that pop up when your brakes need a check-up:

  • Your brake light is illuminated on your dashboard
  • Squealing or clicking when you stop
  • Wobbling, vibration, or scraping sensations when you brake
  • Fluid leaking while parked
  • Your vehicle pushes or pulls to one side or another while driving straight
  • A prominent burning or chemical smell while driving
  • Bouncing or rocking when coming to a stop

When any of these issues occur, you should schedule an appointment with Clement Hyundai. Even if it ends up being something other than your brakes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Why Brake Maintenance is Crucial

Knowing your brakes are operating at peak performance provides invaluable peace of mind. You never know when you’ll have to make an abrupt stop, and good brakes ensure that you can always rely on your brakes to do their job.

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Timely - We always respect your time and want to get you back on the road as soon, and as safely, as possible. We’ll always provide you with an efficient, high-quality repair.


Transparent - Many service shops will try to sell you more services, more repairs, and more things you don’t need. We’re always transparent with you and we’ll give you the cost upfront. No hidden fees or agendas here.


Trustworthy - What good is an auto service shop you can’t trust? We prefer to build a lifelong relationship with our valuable customers instead of trying to squeeze a few extra dollars out of them.

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